Web Design

Your website is often the first way potential clients will encounter your company, so making sure it creates the right impression is vital.

Design is important to us.  Not because we’re design pedants (although, um, we are, a bit…), but because it’s really important for our clients’ businesses.  Great design helps push your business into new and better markets, and makes you irresistable to your target market in a way no other business tool has the power to do.

At Creative Infusion, we love to create visually beautiful websites that are also beautifully made – function needs to work just as hard as form in our book.  We’re passionate about our websites working well across all devices, which is why we are committed to delivering all new websites as responsive websites.  This saves our clients having to create a separate mobile website down track.

We’re also experienced across a wide range of platforms, from WordPress through to BigCommerce, and we use HTML5, CSS3 (via SASS), PHP, MySQL, and Javascript.

Interested in knowing more?  Take a look at our portfolio, give us a call on 01213 146067, or get in touch.